Dear Technicians:

Please DO NOT CALL, email your resume to email on main page.

Someone will call you if you qualify.

Diagnostic Imaging network looking for an experienced sonographers to perform a variety of diagnostic ultrasound and cardiovascular examinations ranging from routine Cardiac, Carotid, trans-cranial TCD, peripheral vascular exams of upper and lower extremities, Abdominal and Renal Doppler’s, Thyroid, Pelvic, Breast and testicular sonograms.

Minimum 2 years of experience.

During examinations, ultrasound technicians enjoy a variety of crucial duties. They must select and capture the best images, take measurements, make calculations and even evaluate the preliminary results. All of this work during examination directly aids doctors in making the correct diagnosis so that successful treatment can begin.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Operation of ultrasound equipment in order to capture images that describe the composition, shape and motion of tissues, organs and liquid buildup.

2. Analysis of the captured images, finding out variations between healthy and imperfect areas including in the report to be forwarded to the physician

3. Summarize the technical inferences and forward to the physician for diagnosis

4. Making sure that the image produced by the equipment is clear for the diagnosis.

5. Helping patients prepare for the procedure. Explaining the process, helping them to move to the table, preparing the skin surface by application of gel.

6. Communicating effectively with the patient and maintaining his/her comfort level during the examination

7. Maintaining the records of patients for future reference


An ultrasound technician requires additional skills along with all the medical knowledge and expertise. This includes:

1. Good written and oral communication skills in English (Spanish a plus)

2. Strong interactive and social skills dealing with people with different attitudes and attributes. This is required to deal amicably with patients and health care staff.

Thank you and best regards,